Drupal Media Initiative

Welcome to the website of the Drupal Media Initiative. This site documents the activities of the volunteers who donate their time to develop, document, and teach about Media functionality in features that are not in core in Drupal 7 and Drupal 8.

Drupal Media Guide

Drupal 8 Media Guide

The Drupal 8 Media Guide's goal is to document the functionality, development, and usage of the Drupal 8 Media Suite of Modules.

Media Group on Drupal.org

Media Group on Drupal.org

Join the hundreds of like-minded individuals who are members of the Media group on Drupal.org. Postings include events, sprints, tutorials, articles, and requests for help from your fellow Drupal.org users.

Contributing to the Drupal Media Initiative

Drupal Media on Github


New development for Drupal 8 is on github.com/drupal-media. Exisiting modules, issues queues, and patches are maintained on Drupal.org.

Media Module on Drupal.org


Drupal 7 development is all on drupal.org/project/media and the respective sub-module pages on Drupal.org.

Media Initiative Contrib Kanban

Contrib Kanban

Ready to dive right in? Visit the Media Initiative Contrib Kanban and start to review or work on the issues and tasks you find there.