How We Built Enterprise Media Publishing Platform on D8

EXAMINER.COM was one of the first live Drupal 7 websites and remains one of the biggest in terms of traffic and total amount of content served. Just a few years later, and we’re on the edge again.

A merger with in 2014 resulted in a need for a centralized publishing platform capable of supporting hundreds (if not thousands) of contributors, while delivering content to many different destinations each with different requirements.

When we started our initial discussions about the project in late 2014 we decided on Drupal 8. Some people would call us crazy (some actually did :)), but we were confident we were capable of accomplishing the job that was in front of us.

Almost a year later we’d like to present to you project Shakespeare 1.0. We are currently in the beta testing phase, and plan to release to our first group of contributors in November 2015.

As part of this session we’d like to discuss:

  • Approach
  • Challenges
  • Chasing D8 development
  • Business logic
  • Workflow management
  • Media management
  • How we felt along the way
  • Contributed modules
  • Contributions back to the community
  • Is OO really that scary?
  • What technical people think about D8
  • Stakeholders and D8
  • How cool the project Shakespeare (ok, and Drupal 8) actually is
Janez Urevc
DrupalCamp Vienna (2015)