Connect with Us Online or at an Event Near You

The Media initiative's regular meeting time is 14:00-15:00 UTC (link is external) every Wednesday. You don't need to commit to come every Wednesday. Meetings are held over IRC in the #drupal-media channel. See for more information. Prior meeting times as well as IRC logs are accessible in this calendar additionally to future events. Subscribe to this calendar in Google Calendar as (link sends e-mail) or using any iCal-compatible method with

We also regularly host knowledge-sharing summits and contribution sprints at community events. See upcoming and past events listed below.

Join thought leaders and decision makers across multiple national media industries, including broadcast, digital publishing & social media. This year's summit will take a look at the challenges the media and digital publishing industries face. Drupal often finds itself in the sweet spot of these industries through its focus on content management and tackles many problems today's industry is facing:

  • Digital publishing workflows
  • Structured content and authoring tools
  • Digital asset management (DAM)
  • Multiplatform distribution
  • Inherent user duality
  • Content analytics and ROI calculations
  • Broadcast Integration and Digital Video Publishing

If you're in the digital media or publishing space, are looking to manage your publishing workflow or have a system in place and are looking to improve it, this Summit will help address your challenges with a full day of presentations, discussions, case studies and networking with industry peers.